Photovoltaic summary
Photovoltaic summary
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Propiclo fencing system
Collecting plates
BN4 safety guards
Piquets de vigne en acier galvanisé
Planks for approved scaffolding
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Plasterboard supports
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Systems for photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic summary
Collecting plates
Systems for photovoltaic panels
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Propiclo fencing system
Fixing the rigid panels
Sommairy building industry
Building industry
Planks for approved scaffolding
Steel construction
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Plasterboard supports
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Steel bridge panels
Industrial stop-end profile
BN4 safety guards
Steel trench sheets
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Piquets de vigne en acier galvanisé
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Profiles for other industries
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Collecting plates

Collecting plates... The right profile.

Leader in industrial collecting plates,

PROFILAFROID+SAP combines know-how and production capacity in order to provide top environmental quality service and products to its customers.

Established in various European countries, it ensures availability and short delivery times.

voestalpine Profilafroid and voestalpine S.A.P. - the right answers to your needs.

A wide range of electrodes

Long or short models (2 to 16 meters), wide or narrow

(from 280 up to 1,000 millimeters), in small or large batches

(from a few dozens to several thousand plates).

Completion, a full service up to the site.

Finishing of the collecting plates :

. Suspension and maintenance holes, openings for intermediate guides are punched,

. Upper and lower fasteners fitting each system are manufactured and fixed by welding, rivets, O-ring rivets, ...

. Anticorrosion protection is carried out upon request  (long term storage, large exports).

Collecting plates are delivered ready for mounting, directly on site.

Your Quality Assurance

voestalpine Profilafroid and voestalpine S.A.P. use the most up-to-date technologies to improve its tools (CAD equipment) manufactured through CNC lathes. It guarantees a reliable and long-lasting production implementing quality procedures and controls during the whole production line. The barcode system ensures the correct product traceability.

Proposed materials

Collecting plates are perfectly appropriate to the expected service. They are manufactured in 430,

304 and 304L, 316 and 316L stainless steel or Ti. 

Other types may be considered upon request.

Tolerances and check

- Width = +/- 2 mm

- Length = +/- 2 mm

- Straightness = according to sketch

Applied tolerances may be different upon particular request.

A conformity or control certificate is delivered upon request.

Available packaging solutions

Bundles, plates on edge, with wooden belts and appropriate steel hoops for road transport. When sea transport is required, Profilafroid+SAP takes care of the sea packaging (wooden box or metal sea packing) or container packaging.

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