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PROPICLO, always innovative

Composed of a anchor posts and fence posts with wire supports, this fence system

is installed with no special tools, directly in the soil which it becomes firmly attached to.

The wire netting is installed next to the footprint limit.

The work may be carried out under 0 °C.

PROPICLO makes you save money

Fence system for short and long distances, PROPICLO displays exceptional results

with a particularly economical global cost (quick work, reduced workforce).

Its durability, its ability to fit any difficult or even inaccessible ground, to be moved

or heightened when for example it has to be conformed to standards,

makes PROPICLO both a durable and outstanding solution.

PROPICLO, still more advantages !

The posts can be installed after the fence has been tensioned in order

to make the installation next to the footprint limit easier, and to easily

install anti-animal angled fences.

Once fixed, PROPICLO fence is perfectly stable and resistant.

Green colour RAL 6005 available upon request.

Large stock of standard sizes.

Download/print the overall documentation (1.2 Mo)


Hover to enlarge

Anchor base and post PROPICLO


rigid post

Propiclo Fencing system

No concrete, no earthwork, no soil damage.

Eco-friendly, their elements are fully recyclable.

Outstandingly cost-effective: quick installation and reduced workforce.


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